About Us

Our officers and directors have experience in technology evaluation, capital development, culture building, peak performance team building, successful (and non-successful) start-ups, taking companies public and financial instruments that support our business mission.

We have worked with and funded many inventors of breakthrough technologies as well. We have coached Fortune 500 human resource departments, owned successful national executive search companies, successfully re-organized struggling companies, created inspired teams and cultures in for-profit and non-profit environments, provided financial consulting to individuals in the Forbes 400 richest and served as lead consultants to numerous CEOs in diverse industries. A brief profile of our professional experiences is set forth below.


Rennie Davis, Co-President and Board of Directors: In the 1960s, he was the coordinator of the largest anti-war and civil rights coalition in the United States. He remains a recognized spokesmen for his generation, featured on numerous network television documentaries and media forums, from the Legends series produced by CBS to Larry King Live, Barbara Walters, VH1, CNN and other network programs. His leadership in the socially responsible investment industry has been profiled in the Dow Jones Investment Advisor.

In the 1980s, he was the managing partner for a consulting company with an exclusive clientele of board members and officers of Fortune 500 companies and wealthy families. He owned an executive search firm that served Fortune 500 companies. His consulting company purchased and developed the 80-acre Greystone estate for the purpose of establishing a unique Colorado technology development center for inventors and scientists. He has supported start-up companies in capital development and taken them public. He has experience in technology deal structures and presented various technology projects to U.S. financial markets.

He has also served as a valued consultant to directors and senior management of diverse Fortune 500 companies in executive search, leadership training, financial planning, team building, employee benefit design and executive outplacement. Clients have included the CEO of HBO, President of the Manville Corporation, officers of Time-Warner and IBM, the board of directors of Gates Rubber Company and people in the Forbes 400 Richest. He was a principal in the organization and development of TSL Incorporated where he secured agreements with Union Carbide. He also organized RBC Universal and served as the company's Chief Operating Officer where he secured strategic agreements with Ford Motor Company, EverReady Battery Company and Ray-O-Vac.

He currently serves as Company President and is a member of the Board of Directors. He is also Chairman of the Foundation for Humanity.


Randall  Prouty Randall Prouty, Co-President and Board of Directors: Directing every stage of Yellow Hills Ranch master plan that will showcase the Company's Licensed Technology in New Mexico, he brings a unique skill set to this land cooperative enterprise from soil biology to real estate financing and marketing. The Company is a subsidiary of World Associates, Inc. Randall is President of World Associates.

He has extensive experience in sophisticated financing strategies including taking companies public. He previously worked for Florida Fidelity specializing in construction and development financing throughout the Southeast and provided both permanent and construction loans for lenders around the country. He later opened a branch office in West Palm Beach for Florida Fidelity before starting his own company, Bristol Realty Corporation. He has arranged financing for various hotels including the Wellesely Inns chain. He was part of a team that acquired properties assembled into a REMIC, a mortgage backed security (mortgages secured against a package of apartments) that was underwritten by Donaldson, Lufkin and Jenrette and other significant development firms. He has specialized in diverse work-out situations as well.

In addition, he has experience in processing newly returned products, refurbishing them for resale and recycling product materials at the end of their useful life. He currently works with a small team of investment partners for Yellow Hills Ranch and recently created the business association and license with JetStream Wind that resulted in the Company's initial solar energy technology project. He is also co-President of iPOWER Living.


Jason Knoll, Chief Operating Officer and Board of Managers: A CPA who majored in business administration, he brings to the Company more than 20 years professional experience in technology delivery, financial management and fast-paced business operations. He has directed successful start-up ventures as well as serving as a key strategic manager for high earning major corporations. He was an Audit Supervisor with Coopers & Lybrand and Senior Auditor with Price Waterhouse, two of the world's largest CPA firms. He served as general manager of Guardian Technologies, an electronic monitoring products company where he directed a successful turnaround strategy resulting in a significant reduction in operating expenses and a 143% increase in revenues. He co-founded Elemental Holdings and developed its business plan, venture capital strategy, operations systems and sales plan for an advanced digital imagining technology start-up. He was a senior corporate analyst for a $325 million sales manufacturer of food flavors where he was recognized for his significant contributions to the company's exemplar financial performance. He directed business development for a large building products manufacturer and distributor of residential, commercial and industrial doors with annual revenues exceeding $450 million.

More recently he has owned his own consulting company where he has supported numerous start-up and development companies with strategic planning, financial modeling and product and service definitions. He even served as a temporary CEO for a solar design and installation company in Chapter 11 that needed to unwind. A versatile business leader known for his open-curious brilliance and commitment to his own growth and evolution, he brings to the Company a diverse experience in strategic partnerships, financial management and analytical and conceptual skills. He has a strong business acumen for personnel recruitment, team motivation and business accelerator methodologies. He has a proven career focus for inspiring the conditions for thriving peak performance results-oriented enterprises large and small.


Kirsten Liegmann: Whole Systems Officer and Board of Directors: She was the co-owner and organizer of her own successful manufacturing company where she served as President and CEO of Soma Ergonomics. She brings an invaluable knowledge to any company wanting to merge sustainability and profitable environmental respect into their own business practices. She holds a Masters of Business Administration in Sustainable Management from Presidio School of Management, San Francisco, California. She has served as Director of Operations for Gaia University, an international university dedicated to the advancement of ecological and social projects worldwide, where she created and implemented system designs for every quadrant of the operation including accounting, finance, business development, regional center development, data base design and student advisory services. With more than fourteen years in business and leadership experience, she has an extensive knowledge of organizational system design in both non-profit and for-profit markets.

She is valued for her exceptional problem-solving and people skills and for her effective ability to manage the details while maintaining a comprehensive awareness of the whole. She brings to the Company an extensive accounting knowledge and financial data experience including preparation of pro-forma financial data, budgets and spreadsheet design and management. She is skilled in every phase of project plan design and implementation as well. She has a broad spectrum background in sustainability, including eco-efficiency, closed-loop design, green building LEED standards, triple bottom line accounting, community and regional economic revitalization and the emerging economic field of complementary currencies. She is an inspiring business speaker trained in both one-on-one coaching and large and small group trainings and facilitations. She has experience in event planning and managing all aspects of successful public events. She is also a gifted writer and wordsmith. She is fluent in both English and German. She is currently setting up and directing the financial, operational and whole system designs for the Company. She is also President of the Foundation for Humanity.   


LeRoy West, Board of Managers: He brings to the Company a broad business background ranging from product development with RGB Spectrum to operation manager for 120 engineers and technicians on large complex aircraft refurbishment projects. He was Vice President of a computer sales company where he built partnerships with Japanese, Taiwanese, and Chinese computer manufacturers and successfully established a nationwide network of computer resellers. While serving as Business Development Manager for Media Forum International, he brought this multimedia production company from Europe to the U.S. where he developed offices in Los Angeles, Boston and Miami. He was also sales manager for an entertainment industry systems integration company where he opened the Burbank, CA office and successfully developed its 30 employee operation.

He currently directs land development and construction for the World Associates' 350 Homes sustainable community for the New Mexico Showcase while managing Superior Factory Homes, a green, factory-built housing company. He is recognized for his engineering proficiency and exceptional people skills He brings to the Yellow Hills Ranch project and the Company considerable experience preparing and presenting complex proposals in sales, marketing and finance while building consensus among creative, technical and commercial interests to achieve large project results.

Consultants and Advisors: The Company will also rely on consultants who have experience in early-stage large undertakings. The Company has identified various project managers with experience in complex undertakings, software architects, industrial design specialists, capital partners and other advisors with experience in global technology developments that want to assist the Company with its new way of living design.

Socially Responsible Business

The Company describes itself as (1) business people who want to give back; (2) investors seeking to make handsome returns while supporting humanity with solutions to world problems; and (3) managers willing to embrace participatory business structures based on a culture of respect. Learn More.